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Voxel Fly

Frog & Froggie

AR Toys: Playground Sandbox

It is not game with levels or missions. Just build your virtual world, play with RC ( remote control ) cars and runaway from police.

You need AR Core / AR Kit supported device.

Zombie Show

Reclaim a city from the zombies.
Choose your car, reload your guns, get rid of zombies and take your city back!

Froggie Jump

Cute platformer game for players with nerves of steel. Find your froggie girl in each of the 12 unique levels in the shorters possible time.

Play on your mobile device or Android TV. You can also activate augmented reality.

Mars: New Home

You are Martian, welcome to your new home.
Join the fight in the top VR shooter on Cardboard and Daydream.

“This is one of the best VR games to come out for Cardboard, a must have!” Top Cardboard games, Immersv VR picks.

Labyrinth Trap

Great looking 3D graphic, real physic simulation and many levels.

Go / Gear VR

Baby Games: Happily

This app contains three games for little babies:

Mole Smash – just catch the mole
Magic Draw – draw with finger on your device or you just touch
Froggie – play with little froggie

This game can not be officially on Oculus Store, so please use the redeem code.
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