Čeněk Štrichel | 3D animation & 3D app development
AR Toys: Playground Sandbox
Build your virtual world, play with RC cars and runaway from police.
Zombie Show
Zombie apocalypse is coming! Kill so many zombies as is possible and stay alive.
Voxel Fly
Beat the record in this impossible endless game. Avoid all cars and fly farther than your friends.
Froggie Jump
You have to find another frog in shortest time and stay alive. Cute platformer game for kids.
Mars: New Home
You are Martian, welcome to your new home.
Labyrinth Trap
There are many labyrinth games in the market, but this have ambitions to be best of all ;) Great looking 3D graphic, real physic simulation and many levels.
Baby Games Happily
Game for the smallest childrens.
Super Sale
They are fast, they are furious and when they see some sale, they are DANGEROUS. Be first with shopping cart. Multiplayer game, 2 players on one mobile or tablet.
Stupid Button
Beware! This is most stupid game ever! :)